Antagonistic activity of epiphytic microbes isolated from sea anemones Anthopleura elegantissima and Stichodactyla hadonii from Kanya kumari coast, against human and fish pathogens

Author : Shani T John

The viable epibiotic microbial community of the marine sea anemones Stichodactyla hadonii and Anthopleura elegantissima were screened, isolated and assayed for its antagonistic activity against human and fish pathogens. A total of 354 epiphytic bacteria were isolated from the sea anemone Anthopleura elegantissima, a relatively high percentage of Gram-positive and non pigmented bacteria (55%) were observed with Anthopleura anemone. Whereas most of the Stichodactyla hadonii associated strains were gram negative (62%) and non pigmented (84%).7% A.elegantissima strains and 12% of S.hadonii isolates showed antibacterial activity against fish pathogens and 9% of A.elegantissima, 12% of S.hadonii isolates showed activity against human pathogens. The inhibition was found to be moderate for most of the tested human and fish pathogens that ranged from 3 mm to 6 mm. Some of the tested pathogens showed trace to no inhibition. Anthopleura elegantissima strain 26 produced a maximum zone of 6mm against Vibrio cholera and some of the strains of Stichodactyla hadonii also inhibited the growth of V.cholerae, E.coli, Pseudomanas aerugenosa by 4 mm to 5mm also the fish pathogens Vibrio vulnificus ,Vibrio mimicus, Aeromonas hydrophila Vibriop harveyi and Vibrio parahaemolyticus were also inhibited by the sea anemone extracts.The efficient antagonistic potential exhibited by the associated microbes from Stichodactyla hadonii and Anthopleura elegantissima against pathogens may further reflect the potential use of these strains in managing the human and fish diseases that require wide research.

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