An overview on lipospheres

Author : C.H. Sirisha, B. Chaitanya, Lakshmi Naganathan, J.V.C. Sharma

Recent advances in pharmaceutical research focuses on new delivery systems utilizing new devices to achieve modification of delivery time, targeting, as well as improve the in-vivo solubility and hence bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs. Lipospheres are amongst the promising particulate drug delivery systems for improving dissolution of water insoluble drugs. They were initially reported as particulate dispersion of solid spherical particles between 0.2 100μm in diameter consisting of solid hydrophobic fat core such as triglycerides or fatty acids derivatives, stabilized by mono layer of phospholipids. Lipid based drug delivery system (LDDS) or lipospheres are extensively employed as oral delivery systems for drugs and other active ingredients in the field of pharmaceutical, food, agriculture and cosmetic technology. This article presents various aspects of lipospheres like its types, formulation, techniques employed in preparation, evaluation techniques and applications.

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