A survey on knowledge and perception among nursing staffs towards adverse drug reaction reporting in a tertiary care hospital, Kanchipuram

Author : Padma M. Prashanthini, Nithya P, Parimala K, Rajesh M

Aim: To assess the knowledge and perception of the nursing staffs working in a tertiary care centre towards adverse drug reaction reporting. Methods: Nursing staff working in Meenakshi medical college were selected randomly and a KAP (Knowledge, Attitude and Practice) based questionnaire was used to collect the data before and after an educational intervention. Result: A total of 47 staff nurses were involved in pre- KAP and post- KAP survey questionnaire. The overall response observed between pre-intervention and post-intervention was found statistically significant proving the effectiveness of educational intervention and improving the knowledge of pharmacovigilance among staff nurses. Conclusion: This study reveals that the knowledge, attitude and practice of pharmacovigilance could be improved by educational intervention and the ADR (Adverse Drug Reaction) reporting in day to day practice can also be increased.

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