A survey on dental problems and awareness on dental health among Bangladeshi people

Author : Aklima Akter and Faria Farzana Parveen

To maintain dental health, finding out common problems, proper treatment and awareness regarding dental health is a basic concern of a human. The main purpose of this study is to aware people of common dental problems pattern and enhance their knowledge to ensure dental health. To conduct the study a survey was performed on dental patients of department of orthodontics & dentofacial orthopaedics at the largest dental hospital of Bangladesh “Dhaka Dental College & Hospital” at Dhaka, Bangladesh. The study was done from February 2017 to June 2017. From the study different dental problems, causes of problems were noticed as well as daily habits of patients have come to be noticed. This was a cross sectional study conducted among 100 patients, among them 55% patients were male and 45% patients were female; both were from infant to old. In this study most common dental problems were gingivitis (48%) and dental caries (42%). The causes of dental problems are found mainly brushing once a day (61%) and improper brushing (26%). From the study, some common awareness were noticed among patients like toothpaste brand change habit, brushing habit, dental flossing habit, patients scaling habit, regular doctor visiting habit etc. Good dental health is essential to improve individual overall health & well-being. The burden of dental problems is very high in Bangladesh and yet hugely unrecognized area. We urge to take this information & use it for program planning & advocating for the health of patients

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