A study on knee joint effusion with osteoarthritis by musculoskeletal ultrasonography- before and after management

Author : Dr. E. Babu Sridhar

AIM: The aim of study is to investigate the changes of knee joint effusion before and after osteoarthritis of knee, using musculoskeletal Ultrasonograpy. DESIGN: Prospective, follow-up study. SETTING: Department of Physiotherapy, Chalmeda Anand Rao Institute of Medical sciences, Karimnagar. METHODS AND MATERIALS: 20 cases of unilateral knee osteoarthritis were assessed by PHILPS EnviSor CH D Ultrasonographic examination of knee effusion. Subjects were prospectively assigned to the follow-up treatment of Interferential stimulation and Non-thrust Manual exercise (including Knee, Hip and and Leg muscles. A 15 session treatment program, 30 minute per day was performed for KOA. OUTCOME MEASURES: Before and after intervention, we assessed knee joint effusion through ordinal scale. T –test was used for comparison between pre and post treatment results in respectively. RESULTS: 12 cases (women 7, men 5) were identified and a total 20 subjects of knee OA. The mean score of effusion (2.75); T-value (2.20%) in the nonthrust manual exercise and interferential current. CONCLUSION: Significantly reduction in knee effusion in patients with knee osteoarthritis.

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