A study on drug use of ceftriaxone in a private hospital of Nepal

Author : Srijana Gyawali, Nijan Upadhyay, Sabyata Gautam and Pradeep Paudel

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the use of ceftriaxone in a Private Hospital. Cross sectional descriptive study was used to assess rational use of ceftriaxone. The study was conducted by reviewing medication records of 180 patients who received ceftriaxone during hospitalization from June 2014 to August 2014. Descriptive research design was used for the research. The study involved the collection of data at time of drug being used during the course of treatment of patient during hospitalization using structured data collection form by reviewing the in-patient prescription and medication record and then evaluated for the various purposes. Among 180 patients male (55.6%) were more than female (44.4%). Maximum number of patients fell under age range 21-30 years (20.0%). The duration of therapy was found to be high in the range 2-7 days (76.11%). Most of the patients were prescribed with dose 1gm (69.4%) and most prescribed frequency was BD (76.1%). The mean daily prescribed dose was found 2.30 gm/day. Ceftriaxone was found to be highly utilized in general ward (59.4%). Among total patients, 27.8% were co-morbid while 72.8% patients were non co-morbid. 97.8% of patients were with other co-administered drug along with ceftriaxone and 2.2% did not have any other co-administered drug along with ceftriaxone. Gastrointestinal tract drug were the mostly co-administered therapeutic class of drugs used with ceftriaxone. Ceftriaxone was found to be highly used as preoperative prophylaxis followed by fever and bone & soft tissue infections.

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