A review on fast dissolving tablets (FDTs)

Author : Chhote Lal Singh, Neeraj Rajput, MunishGarg Monga

The oral route is the most acceptable routes among the various routes for different age group of the patients because it is regarded as safest, most convenient and economical route. Therefore, recently researcher and pharmaceutical companies developed the fast dissolving tablet (FDT) by modifying the physiochemical parameter of drugs to their need with improved patient compliance and convenience. FDTs are solid dosages forms which dissolve rapidly in saliva without chewing and additional water. USFDA define FDTs to be the solid oral preparation that disintegrate rapidly in the oral cavity with an in-vitro disintegration time of 30 seconds or less. FDTs improved patient compliance and also overcome the disadvantages of conventional dosage form especially dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing) in pediatric and geriatric patients. Over the last decade FDTs have grown steadily in demand and importance as a convenient, potentially safer alternative to conventional tablets and capsules. The growing importance for this is due to the potential advantages offered by this technology for various kinds of patients suffering from different diseases and disabilities. This review includes ideal properties, characteristics, challenges in formulation, suitability of drug candidates, various technologies developed for FDT, patented technologies, evaluation methods and various marketed products.

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