A pilot study: role of Nimba Kshar Sutra in the management of Bhagandara (Fistula - In - Ano)

Author : Alok Kumar, Ekta Dogra

Fistula-in-ANO entails a chronic granulating track connecting two epithelial lined surfaces, one of the most annoying diseases in the ANO rectal region has predestined as a brain-teaser for the patient as well as for the medical fraternity due to its outrageous site of manifestation, chronicity, recurrence and frequent acute exacerbations. Ayurveda has treatment modality that is more effective than conventional surgical option available in modern surgery. The present study was a pilot study, conducted on ten patient of Bhagandara (Fistula in ANO) with an objective to assess the efficacy and acceptability of Nimba Ksharasutra in the management of Bhagandara. The patients were selected from the OPD of and treated with Kshara Sutra therapy. The patients were assessed per week for continuous 8 weeks according to the assessment criteria. After observing the overall therapy, it was found that in most of the parameters Nimba Ksharasutra have much better results and very good acceptability with less complication as itching, pus discharge, pain etc. mostly found in standard Apamarga Ksharasutra therapy.

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