A detail phyto-chemical evaluation of ayurvedic capsule formulation used for hair care

Author : Ekta Rabadiya, Hardik Soni, Kruti Pandya, Ghanshyam Patel, Maitreyi Zaveri, Sonal Patel

Standardization describes all measures taken during manufacturing process and quality control leads to reproducible quality of particular product. Growing need for standardization and quality control of herbal medicines is recognized by WHO that specifies guidelines for the assessment of the safety and quality of herbal medicines as a prerequisite for global harmonization. The present study was focused on an exhaustive standardization of a Herbo-mineral capsule preparation namely “Trichup Capsule” which was carried out employing the basic organoleptic test, physico-chemical tests, and bio-assays by sophisticated instruments like HPLC and HPTLC. HPTLC fingerprinting, assays of marker compounds were carried out to confirm the quantitative presence of the raw materials in the finished product which in turn reflects the quality and potency of product. The study results revealed that the Capsule formulation was well standardized at various levels such as Physical consistency, Chemical profile, Microbial and Heavy metal limits.

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