A Review on Microencapsulation

Author : S. Gousia Begum, C. Madhusudhan Chetty, Ravikumar Kota, K. Susmitha, P. Komali, S. Jyothi Kiranmai and B. Sri Divya

The review of microencapsulation encloses the applications, methods of the preparation the microcapsules and their evaluation. Micro encapsulation is the process of surrounding or enveloping one substance within another substance on a very small scale, yielding capsules ranging from less than one micron to several hundreds of microns in size. Micro encapsulation refers to a phenomenon in which drug compounds are safely encapsulated as a small capsule in order to achieve most stable product. This technology brings a huge impact in the area of pharmaceutical research which also offers special appearance in controlled and target drug delivery systems. The article is a review of classification of microcapsules, drug release mechanism from microcapsules, materials used for microencapsulation, applications of techniques involved in the preparation of microcapsules and evaluation of microcapsules.

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