A Review on Brainwave Therapy

Author : Hima C.S., Asheeta A, Chithra C. Nair, Sandhya M. J. Nair, Fathima Beevi U

Brain waves are the pattern of electrical activity occurring in the brain or the combination of electrical activity in the brain. It can be detected by EEG. In the brain the various states are directly connected to ever changing electrical, chemical and agricultural environment of the brain. The type of brain wave is defined by the frequency at which it is pulsing. The different brain waves produced by the brain are, Alpha brain waves (8-12Hz), Beta brain waves (12-38Hz), Gamma brain waves (40-100Hz), Lambda brain waves (100-200Hz), Delta brain waves (0.5-3Hz), Theta brain waves (3-8Hz) and Epsilon brain waves (<8Hz). Brain activity is generally characterized by a combination of brain waves. Depending on the activity of brain at a time, particular brain waves will dominate over the others. By using different methods it can induce or entrain desirable brain waves in the brain there by it is possible to treat many of the dysfunctioning of brain thorough drug free method.

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