A Clinical Comparative Study of Vrikkashoolantaka Vati and Pashanbheda Kwatha Churna W.S.R to Mutrashamri

Author : Deshmukh PN, Talekar MT, Sasane PU, Reja A, Sharma DK

In Ayurveda Ashmari is mainly considered as Mutrashmari (Urolithiasis) which is emerging as a sequel to deranged mutra pravritti leading to deterioration in urine excretion and micturition. The urinary stones have peculiar tendency of recurrence despite of their surgical removal which prove that surgery only cannot become effective part of treatment. To avoid the incidence of recurrence after surgical removal of stone and in search of an effective conservative treatment comparative work on Vrikkashoolantaka Vati and pashanbheda kwatha churna has been taken. The project has been designed for study by open labeled clinical comparative trial. The effect of therapy was observed by improvement in the clinical and laboratory features selected under criteria for assessment. The effects of the trial drugs Vrikkashoolantaka Vati and Pashanbheda Kwatha churna in was evaluated and compared. Study shows vrikkashoolantaka vati has more significant result over Pashanbheda kwatha churna in Mutrashmari.

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