A Cadaveric Study of the Thebesian Valve

Author : Pushpakala K, Vino Victor Jesudas, Vidulatha K, Lakshmi Gayathri G B, Froebel Giftly

Coronary sinus ostium is guarded by a valve called Thebesian valve. The Coronary sinus is defined as a venous trunk 2-3cm long that extends from the Vieussens valve to the coronary sinus ostium in the right atrium. The Thebesian valve is an embryological remnant of the sinoatrial valve. It is a fold of endocardial tissue that guards the coronary sinus ostium and is variable in shape [1].About 50 adult human hearts from the cadavers of institute of Anatomy, Madurai Medical college, Maduraiwere dissected for the study of the dimensions of the coronary sinus ostium. The presence or absence of Thebesian valve and the shape of the Thebesian valve were noted. The Thebesian valve was present in about 96% of the specimens and absent in 4%. The shape of the Thebesian valve also showed various forms like semicircular, bands, strands. A thorough knowledge of the coronary sinus ostium and the valvular system is important with the advent of invasive cardiological procedures like cardiac catheterisation.

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